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NexTalk is dedicated to providing intuitive, effective communication solutions.  We have a history of developing software-based solutions that reduce communication barriers and enables the deaf, hard of hearing, limited English speaking and limited language speaking community to enjoy a greater level of access to communication.  It is due, in part, to this dedication and commitment that our customer base includes industry leaders in the health care industry, telecommunication industry, call center industry, banking industry, investment industry, business, education and in numerous government departments in the United States and Canada.

Using an intuitive, patented software-based solution, NexTalk provides communication solutions tailored for the specific needs of numerous market segments.  These innovative software solutions include:

  • SimpliciTTY - TTY Call Management for call centers and offices.  Innovative software solution that replaces the TTY machine in the call center and offices. Incoming TTY calls are routed to call center agents or office employees, who use a software program to communicate with the client.  All call data is collected and tracked just like a voice call.   Learn more...
  • ACCESS - Communication Software for Businesses, Education and Consumers.  ACCESS is an inexpensive, simple solution that provides a variety of communication tools, including VRI, VRS, TTY and Messaging.  Learn more...
  • VISn Remote Interpreting - Video and Audio Remote Interpreting.  Provides instant access to interpreters for American Sign Language and hundreds of spoken languages.  Learn more...
  • Stand-alone Platforms - NexTalk offers complete communication platforms that can be customized and deployed exclusively for clients, language service providers, education and government departments.  Learn more...
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