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NexTalk ACCESS Home Edition provides simple and secure communication for the deaf and hard of hearing - and anyone who wants to communicate with them.

ACCESS Home is perfect for communicating with:

NexTalk ACCESS Business Edition is the perfect solution for Dentists offices, Lawyers offices, Chiropractors, Insurance companies, Food Banks, and other similar service-oriented businesses who want a communication tool for working with their deaf, hard of hearing or non-English speaking customers. NexTalk ACCESS provides simple and secure communication. 

NexTalk ACCESS Education Edition is essential for schools who want to make sure that they can communicate with deaf, hard of hearing and non-English students and their family members.  ACCESS eliminates the need for on-site interpreters and can be used on-demand.  Schools can choose between the 1,3 or 5 license pack. For larger institutions we can create a custom solution.

ACCESS Education's VRI feature provides instant access to American Sign Language Interpreters, while the ARI feature provides instant access to interpreters for over 400 spoken languages.

$3.95 per month

ACCESS Home Monthly Subscription

$39.50 per year

ACCESS Home Annual Subscription

$1,169 per year, 1 license

ACCESS Business - 1 license

$1,169 per year, 1 license

ACCESS Education - 1 License

$2,169 per year, 5 licenses

ACCESS Education - 5 Licenses


The ACCESS Communication Network - designed specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing. 

The heart of the platform is the ACCESS servers, Based in the US and Canada.  When ACCESS users (ACCESS HOME, ACCESS BUSINESS, ACCESS EDUCATION) log into their respective software, they are logging into a secure server, which enables communication with others on (and off) the network (family, friends, co-workers, businesses, etc.).  Additionally, the software will allow users to use traditional relay service, video remote interpreting services and connect with any TTY device. Currently ACCESS is for windows-based PC’s, Laptops and Tablets only.  We will be releasing iOS (Apple) and Android versions of ACCESS in the future.

Communication options in ACCESS include:

ACCESS Communication Network
  • ACCESS Video Phone Calls
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
  • Voice Carry Over (VCO)
  • TTY Calling (incoming and outgoing)
  • Messaging/Chat
  • ACCESS Text Calls
  • Text Relay
  • Receive Incoming Faxes
  • Local Phone Number Provided by NexTalk
  • Phone Book and Text Mail

Important Note:  Small businesses can get a tax credit for providing “Assistive Technology and Accommodations”.   This Tax credit could cover up to 50% of the cost of the NexTalk Software.
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$1,669 per year, 3 licenses

$1,669 per year, 3 licenses

ACCESS Business - 3 Licenses
ACCESS Education - 3 Licenses

$2,169 per year, 5 licenses

ACCESS Business - 5 Licenses
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Your dentist
  • Your insurance agent
  • Co-workers
  • Your Doctor
  • Your Chiropractor
  • Barbers/Hair dressers
  • Libraries
  • Auto repair shops
  • Book stores
  • Clothing stores
  • ...Anybody....
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NexTalk ACCESS Healthcare Edition is perfect for hospitals and clinics.  The healthcare solution includes not only VRI and ARI (next generation OPI), but also 5 deaf-centric communicstion features that are used by deaf patients when they are admitted to a room.  No other VRI solution has these 5 features, making this fully ADA compliant.

NexTalk ACCESS Remote Interpreting Edition is a great solution for walk-in clinics, urgent care facilites, court rooms, schools, etc. where interpreting services are needed. ACCESS RI includes Video Remote interpreting and Audio remote Interpreting (Next generation OPI).

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