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  • Features

    SimpliciTTY provides a secure and efficient means by which to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing in a call center environment.  Call Center agents no longer need to listen for the TTY phone to ring, then leave their work station to answer the call.  They can stay at their desk and assist the deaf or hard of hearing caller.   

    What your IT Department will like:

    • Hosted or Purchased solutions
    • Automatic TTY call verification
    • Customizable scripts
    • 32-bit Telephony
    • 64-bit Telephony
    • VoIP or SIP
    • CDR gateway
    • LDAP gateway
    • Compatible with any phone system
    • System can serve multiple locations
    • Scalable
    • TTY calls can be quality controlled and tracked

    What your Call Center Agents will like:

    • Program automatically launches
    • Stay in your work space
    • Edit functions like “copy” and “paste”
    • Additional participants can be added to an existing TTY call (supervisor)
    • TTY calls can be transfered to another agent or department
    • Missed calls go into “text” mail
    • Agents can place outgoing TTY calls
    • Screen sharing allows agent to share a screen shot with the TTY caller
  • Technical

    The SimpliciTTY system was design to work with pretty much any server or phone system used in a Call Center environment.  The process by which a call is received verified and then introduced into the existing system is both simple and elegant, requiring no additional equipment for the hosted solution and only one specific piece of equipment for the purchased solution; a 32 or 64 bit Telephony board or a VoIP/SIP dongle for virtual servers, both of which are provided by NexTalk.

    Install Guides
    SimpliciTTY Call Center - 64-bit Install Guide

    User Guides
    SimpliciTTY Call Center - 64-bit Install Guide

  • Pricing

    The SimpliciTTY Call Center TTY Call Management solution from NexTalk is a customized SaaS solution.  The cost of the system depends on its configuration. The system consists of the following components:

    • SimpliciTTY Server Software (Production and Backup)
    • SimpliciTTY Client Software (concurrent user license)
    • SimpliciTTY Telephony port Licenses or SIP Licenses

    Clients make also choose from additional features like:

    • Call Data Recording (CDR) Gateway License
    • Internet Gateway License
    • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Gateway License




  • Where to Buy

    Given the custom nature of SimpliciTTY , NexTalk provides each client with a quote based on the specific needs of the client.  You can contact NexTalk directly to get a quote on a SimpliciTTY solution.

    Canadian clients will be happy to know that NexTalk has servers in Toronto, allowing us to provide both purchased and hosted solutions to Canada. 

SimpliciTTY Call Center Demo

SimpliciTTY Call Center
Software Demonstration

Introduced in 1994, SimpliciTTY Call Center is the industry standard in TTY Call Management software. 

SimpliciTTY CALL Center was designed specifically for communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing.  The software is used in countless call centers and offices, enabling reliable, secure communication between companies and customers. 

With over 25 years of design, improvement and refinement, SimpliciTTY is designed  to work with virtually any phone system and server (telephony or virtual).  SimpliciTTY seamlessly integrates into your existing system, allowing you to track, quality control and measure a RTT/TTY call in the same manner you do a voice call.  Custom scripting allows you to define how the software receives and routes calls depending on numerous factors; time of day, location, department, after hours, etc.

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