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Imagine a software based solution that can route TTY calls from any of the 48 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing.

integrates seamlessly with existing office or call center equipment, putting you in touch with your clients or customers immediately.  Because SimpliciTTY requires minimal training and minor adjustments to current call flow operations, your customers will only notice the improvement to your service.

When a TTY call is received, the  SimpliciTTY Server version of the software verifies the call (it can screen out voice callers using the TTY number), then finds an available employee or call center agent on the network.  That employee or call center agents computer; which has the client version of  SimpliciTTY running minimized in the the background, recognizes the incoming TTY call and opens a dialog screen, enabling timely and efficient communication.  No dedicated TTY machine needed.

Text calls placed and received with SimpliciTTY are secure.  If the users decided to archive TTY conversations, NexTalk doesn't store these TTY conversations as standard ASCII text, they are stored as code, which means if anyone did break into your servers and harvest the files, they would not see text, just code; and they cannot convert that code to ASCII text unless they have our source code.   Companies can decide which level of security and information retention they want with the  SimpliciTTY program.  In a health care environments, minimal information is retained so as to be HIPAA compliant.

SimpliciTTY is available for the following applications:

SimpliciTTY Call Center
As the name suggest, SimpliciTTY Call Center was designed for receiving TTY calls in a call center.  SimpliciTTY Call Center will work with any phone system or ACD and allows TTY calls to be tracked and Quality Controlled just like voice calls.  SimpliciTTY
Call Center can be installed on as many computers in the call center as you wish, the number of licenses you purchase equates to the number of login credentials.  Additionally, SimpliciTTY Call Center can serve multiple locations from a single system. Learn more....

SimpliciTTY Office
SimpliciTTY Office provides medium to large size offices with the ability to receive incoming TTY calls on their computers.  Much like SimpliciTTY Call center, SimpliciTTY Office uses the existing office LAN to route TTY calls to office employees.  No special equipment is needed, and like SimpliciTTY Call Center, the SimpliciTTY Office software can be installed on as many computers in the office as the client likes.  The number of licenses purchased determines the number of login credentials for the client.  Learn more....


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SimpliciTTY Simplifies and Improves your Communication

  • Hosted Solution - perfect for clients who do not have a dedicated server for communication or an IT staff.  NexTalk” hosts” theSimpliciTTY server software in NexTalk’s data center.  The Simplicitty Client software is installed on the clients local machines.
  • Purchased Solution - this option is for those who already have an IT staff and communication servers in place.  The purchased Option client would have the SimpliciTTY Server software installed on their servers (as opposed to NexTalk’s data center) as well as the SimpliciTTY client software installed on their local machines.
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