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According to the National Association of Deaf, there are over 48 million people in the United States that need some type of assistance with hearing. Of these 48 million people. Gallaudet University estimates, at best, 500k of them know American Sign Language. This means that better than 47.5 million people, almost 15% of the US population, needs text based conversation to communicate. The large majority of these 47.5 million people are our aged generation (think baby boomers).

SpeechPath was created by NexTalk as a communication solution for these Hard of Hearing individuals. SpeechPath is a Speech-to-text feature that allows the Hard of Hearing to send and receive phone calls, while reading the text from the caller on their screen. Most importantly, SpeechPath is a machine based service.  Unlike standard captioning services that use people to type the text as the caller is speaking,  which is about as accurate as closed captions on live TV, SpeechPath uses a Text Engine Server to convert the speech to text.  This is not only faster and more accurate, but also private and confidential.  No third party is listening in on your calls.

Below is a call we did with Amazon.

SpeechPath Window Box

SpeechPath has many uses, but the two primary uses are:


Consumers - SpeechPath will allow the hard of hearing community to place and receive calls both at home and on the run.  At home, the user can use either their mobile phone, laptop or tablet to place or receive a call.  The SpeechPath server participates as a third party on these calls and converts the incoming speech to text, which can be read on the screen. The same holds true for outgoing calls


Business - SpeechPath is used by many businesses to allow their hard of hearing employees to place and receive phone calls while at work.  We work with existing phone KSU/PBX system.  No special equipment is needed.  SpeechPath can also be used in a business setting to assist the hard of hearing during conference calls or company meetings. 

SpeechPath screen shot

To see a live demo of SpeechPath, click on the screen shot to the left.  Be sure to turn on the closed captioning when the video starts.

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