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NexTalk is first and foremost a software company. We have spent millions of dollars on the creation and on-going development of our communication software programs, designed for  homes, businesses, offices and call centers.  Our software solutions enable a variety of communication needs, including communication for the deaf, hard of hearing, non-english speaking and those who are suffering from age/environment related severe hearing loss.

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Stand-alone Platforms

TTY Call Management Software

Communication Software for Home, Business and Education

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NexTalk’s SimpliciTTY® TTY Call Management program is the industry standard in TTY call communication.  Our SimpliciTTY clients include some of the biggest names in corporate America and business.  SimpliciTTY is used by numerous US and Canadian government departments and provides seamless TTY call communication in Call Center and office environments.

SimpliciTTY Call Center is designed specifically for Call Center applications and works with virtually any phone system, ACD or server.  NexTalk also provides SimpliciTTY hosting for clients who don't have servers or an IT staff. 

SimpliciTTY Office enables communication with the deaf and hard of hearing using the existing Local Area Network (LAN), no additional equipment is required.

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NexTalk’s ACCESS® is a comprehensive communication software solution designed for smaller businesses, education and consumers.  This cost-effective solution provides users with access to communication via VRI, TRS, TTY and Messaging.  With built-in encryption, ACCESS is a safe and secure HIPAA and ADA compliant communication tool.

ACCESS Home Edition is perfect for the deaf, hard of hearing and everyone that they associate with.  This comprehensive communication program provides a variety of communication options.

ACCESS Business Edition is designed for business who want the ability to meet ADA requirements without spending thousands of dollars.  This hosted solution gives businesses the ability to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing without the need of on-site interpreting, relying on friends or families or scribbling on a note pad.

ACCESS Education Edition is the perfect solutions for schools who need to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing parents or family members.  ACCESS Education Edition also provides access to interpreters for over 400 languages.

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NexTalk has spent millions developing our TTY and Remote Interpreting software platforms.  NexTalk offers these platforms as stand-alone ”white-label” systems. 

NexTalk will assist the purchaser in establishing the necessary servers and equipment and can provide long term technical support for both the clients platform servers and the clients customers.  Learn More

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TTY Software and Video Remote Interpreting Software from NexTalk
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Communication Software for the Deaf
 Hard of Hearing and Non-English Speaking

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